Steve here: now with crappy news!
My wife and I were just burgled. They stole our laptops, so we have no computers at home anymore, and we’ve got several days ahead of us of running around dealing with police, insurance, checking to make sure backups work, etc. This means that all the time at home I’d planned to spend doing promotion is gone, as are the machines I’d planned to it with.
Lots of folks have asked “what can I do to help?” The answer, if you have a comics audience, is blog or tweet something about the book. Send them to this site, or this specific post, or just tell them that Parker and I have a new Image book coming out. Your RTs and facebook posts can make a big difference.


7 Responses to “Well, that’s gonna make things a little tougher.”
  1. Matt Grigsby says:

    You betcha! I’ll definitely market my butt off! Does the studio have any teaser fliers for this comic? I work at a comic shop and can get the word out there as well.

    Good luck with everything Steve!

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