In the wake of the Macbook Caper (in which Steve Lieber lost his laptop to thieving thieves), we’d like to thank the comics internet for rallying to spread the word on this book. A nice big influx of people visited this site and checked out the preview of Underground #1 last week, largely sent by retweets on Twitter. Probably much more than Steve could have waved in on his own had he not left a big sign on his house saying FREE LAPTOPS-OH, AND TAKE THE ADAPTERS TOO!

We want to thank you comics activists out there for spreading the word and giving us a boost at a dour time. You rule. And while Underground doesn’t condone vigilantism, we do admire the creative lengths some have gone too, notably writer Paul Tobin who has been invoking a variety of curses and arcane magic.

Thanks again, everyone!

– Parker

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