Hey there:

I can’t begin to say how thrilled we are with the response we’ve been enjoying. We’ve got more books on order from Image, and they should be here next week. As soon as we get them, we’ll start signing, sketching and shipping!

If you’re looking for a hard copy of the story right now, try your local shop, or TFAW or Amazon. Or we’ve still got some sets of the original comic series in stock in the Etsy store.


3 Responses to “Shipping delays for trade paperback”
  1. Adam C says:

    Just sent in my 5 bux. When 4chan does something right, it usually turns out really right…

  2. scott says:

    dude, this is how comics should be done. I bought one because I rather not read it on my computer. Good job for being so awesome through the 4chan thing. That’s why I bought one because this is the direction I want the industry to go. The manga industry used to be pretty cool about it as well but recently they reversed their stance…

  3. rob says:

    My time-line of events to purchasing from the Etsy store:

    1. Read initial boingboing review – am interested to find out more. Keep in mind to follow it up
    2. boingboing posts and links to chan archive and analytics.
    3. Read 4chan thread comments, sample pages etc
    4. Follow link to Etsy store AND to free download
    5. Am impressed by Steve’s response to thread and willingness to engage
    6. Purchase signed&sketched copy from store (yes please, of course I will!) and download issue one to start to get immersed.

    This is an exciting story to read about and I’m sure to be a part of. I love the support that can come from the global community, even when a product is offered for free. Genius, and I hope this remains one of the great future case studies on how the internet changed the way we view commodities and how we sell.

    I am an avid comic fan, and generally buy on reviews from my friends. In the past I have access to online versions of comics/graph novs and rarely find it enjoyable to read online but it does give me the ‘taster’ of what is in store.