Via Techdirt:

“As part of (DHS) Agent Reynold’s argument as to why Torrent-Finder is liable he points to a series of posts by the Torrent-Finder Admin in
the site’s forums. Specifically, he names the following:

I was able to view several posts by the user “Torrent Finder,”including “Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent,” “Piracy in the Music Industry,” “Piracy Can Boost Book Sales Tremendously,” “The First Episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ Leaks to BitTorrent,” and “Piracy domain siezure bill gains support.”

“In other words, the “support” that Agent Reynolds provides for why Torrent-Finder’s domain should be seized is that he claims that
Torrent-Finder’s admin linked directly to infringing material. But that’s not true. Instead, the admin was simply pointing to a bunch of
different news stories. Even worse, some of those news stories highlight why the claims of the MPAA, which Agent Reynolds relies
upon, are simply made up — such as TorrentFreak’s story about comic artist Steve Lieber (which was actually based on a Techdirt story
about how Steve Lieber embraced the so-called “pirates” and ended up making a lot more money — we later interviewed Steve about his
experiences)…. How is that evidence of probable cause? “

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