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Here, by request, is the complete comic in uncolored black and white line art. I’m a big fan of b&w art myself, and when Jeff and I started Underground, we weren’t sure if there would be a budget for color, so I drew the pages to work either way. Jeff, Ron and I made changes and corrections on the art right up to the last moment, so there will be some differences between the two versions. See if you can spot where Wes changes into a different shirt between panels.
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Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
The suggested donation is $5.00, or what you can afford.

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I’m trying to get up to speed with digital comics formats, so I’m putting this up as a test. Flytrap #1 is a short comics story that my wife wrote and I drew. Is it set up correctly for your readers?
EDIT: I’ve used Zipcleaner to strip out the hidden Mac files. Here’s a new version:
Safari users crtl-click to download. Everybody else, just click, I think.

It’s a great little story, and there are more in the series. If you like it you can thank us by using the paypal “donate” thingy. But mainly just tell me if I did it right.

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TF: Can you describe your working relationship a little so people can better understand your “creative process”?

SL: We just yell at each other all the goddamn time.

Chris Ullrich interviews Steve Lieber and Jeff Parker at The Flickcast

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First I scribble out a doodly layout. I scribble this out directly on my Cintiq. Layouts on this comic have been a breeze, probably because my writer used to support himself as an artist. Eagle-eyed readers will note that when I first drew Corey, the blonde guy in panel 5, I was working off my memory of Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Jack Lambert.


Then I turn it blue in Photoshop and add lettering- some digital and some by hand. The digital font I’m using in Underground was designed by the great Tom Orzechowski, based on hand-lettering I did in Whiteout.


I print the lettered blueline out onto bristol board and ink it with traditional tools: Winsor Newton brush and India ink. I might be a dinosaur, but I still love dipping a brush into a bottle of fresh ink.


Then a miracle happens. Actually, it’s Ron Chan, who does beautiful things with color in Photoshop.


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