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In the 4chan thread, I joked about “cosplay girls in caver helmets.” I forgot that Casey McKinnon already did that in her podcast when the book first came out. Thanks, Casey!

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Mark Frauenfelder just posted a terrific review of Underground at Boing Boing. We couldn’t be more excited.

If you’re here because of the review, you can preview the first and the second issue, or even buy a copy of the complete gn directly from us.

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Some podcasters have been covering the book recently. Geekland Podcast and
Awesomed by Comics. Geekland even made Underground the focus of their episode!

And here’s Blair Butler at G4TV talking the book up!

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To say we’re thrilled with the critical response to the first issue of Underground would be understating it quite a bit. We’ve been posting reviews as they came in, (and excerpting some here) but fell way, way behind. Here are some we missed.
The Comic Addiction | Hypergeek | Comic by Comic | Central Comic Zone | Phoning it in | Cin City 2000 | Comic Overload | Comic Book Revolution | Steven Grant | Inside Joke Theater | Augie De Blieck | Comic Related | Comixtreme

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Some more terrific reviews have come in for the first issue of Underground. Our review page is here.

“…a slow burn early on that leads to an explosive finish that has the reader begging for the next issue. Underground strikes a delicate balance between plot and character development and immerses the reader into the town of Marion.”
Stumptown Trade Review

“Parker has managed to find time in his busy schedule of revamping the EXILES book (which I am loving, by the way) to come up with this grounded and interesting story. Lieberís art is more than decent; gritty and real without being too dark or jaded, synonymous with the script, and as stated before, the opening sequence hit a very haunting note. If you are interested in nature, be it human or earth related, UNDERGROUND is worth checking out.”
Avril Brown, Comics Waiting Room

“Parkerís writing is great here. He does a good job in Underground with the many different aspects of the story. Parker’s control of the romantic dialogue, witty banter, and mysterious foreshadowing does the comic well. Lieber is no slouch either as his artwork really brings Wesley and the cast alive with the excellent detail in both facial features and background work.”
Aaron Albert,

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“Parker and Lieber offer up an extremely well-done (and in some scenes educational and informative) comic with a strong female protagonist and story ripe with realistic characters and situations.”

I particularly like this review at Powered By Pop Culture because writer Mike Cassella mentions Steve drawing our main character Wes Fischer three years ago at a show. And that’s a reality of these personal projects, just like me with my graphic novel The Interman back in ’03, we have to work on them in our spare time and wait until we’re far enough ahead to finally start talking about the book.

For retailers and the curious who want to see more reviews, there’s our Reviews page for more convincers.

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