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It’s been a while since we’ve had any reason to update, but here’s something cool:

Gracias a esta traducción por Miriam Abuin, ahora se puede leer Underground en español!
capítulo 1 | capítulo 2 | capítulo 3 | capítulo 4 | capítulo 5

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Steve did some Underground art as part of The Hero Initiative’s WAKE UP AND DRAW fundraiser. You can see the art here.

They’ll be putting all the pieces they’ve gathered up for auction starting September 18th.

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Coloring Underground was just a sideline for Ron Chan. He’s a top notch illustrator. He just posted a terrific pin up featuring Wes and Seth in trouble over at our studio’s sketchblog.

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Hey folks. We’re moving to a new host. The downloads might not be available for the next few days. If you really, really need to read Underground right now, go gank a copy from a pirate site, then come back here and donate.

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Via Techdirt:

“As part of (DHS) Agent Reynold’s argument as to why Torrent-Finder is liable he points to a series of posts by the Torrent-Finder Admin in
the site’s forums. Specifically, he names the following:

I was able to view several posts by the user “Torrent Finder,”including “Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent,” “Piracy in the Music Industry,” “Piracy Can Boost Book Sales Tremendously,” “The First Episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ Leaks to BitTorrent,” and “Piracy domain siezure bill gains support.”

“In other words, the “support” that Agent Reynolds provides for why Torrent-Finder’s domain should be seized is that he claims that
Torrent-Finder’s admin linked directly to infringing material. But that’s not true. Instead, the admin was simply pointing to a bunch of
different news stories. Even worse, some of those news stories highlight why the claims of the MPAA, which Agent Reynolds relies
upon, are simply made up — such as TorrentFreak’s story about comic artist Steve Lieber (which was actually based on a Techdirt story
about how Steve Lieber embraced the so-called “pirates” and ended up making a lot more money — we later interviewed Steve about his
experiences)…. How is that evidence of probable cause? “

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Emi Lenox, the awesome artist behind Emitown, has drawn a nifty Underground pin-up! How cool is that?

The Emitown collection is coming from Image in a few weeks. We’ll definitely be picking up a copy.

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Thanks for coming to our site! Here’s where you can download the whole comic. It’s a thriller about Park Rangers and a conflict over a Kentucky cave, with some intensely claustrophobic scenes.

It’s broken into five chapters. Grab them all! If you enjoy the story, use our paypal donate button. The suggested amount is $5.00, but anything is appreciated.

You can read a bunch of my other donate-what-you-can comics at

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Hello to all our our new visitors!

Most of the blogging here is by me, Steve Lieber, the artist of Underground. Jeff Parker is busy writing the Hulk, or playing with his kids, or trying to clear some gunk out of an engine.

Download our complete comic, Underground: Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
If you like it, the suggested donation is $5.00. Paypal button:

If you’re an process nerd like me and like to look at the uncolored brush and ink line-art, you can download the first issue as a black and white pdf.
There are a bunch of other comics you can download for free at my personal site.

For the French visitors, you can preview ditions Akileos excellent translations of my earlier books WHITEOUT and WHITEOUT:Melt at digiBiDi. If you want to buy paper copies of the French versions, you’ll also find links.

For the readers coming from Hi! If you’d like to share our comic on Japanese websites or message boards, please do! It’s very cool to think of the manga audience reading our story.

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I’m trying to get up to speed with digital comics formats, so I’m putting this up as a test. Flytrap #1 is a short comics story that my wife wrote and I drew. Is it set up correctly for your readers?
EDIT: I’ve used Zipcleaner to strip out the hidden Mac files. Here’s a new version:
Safari users crtl-click to download. Everybody else, just click, I think.

It’s a great little story, and there are more in the series. If you like it you can thank us by using the paypal “donate” thingy. But mainly just tell me if I did it right.

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Hey there:

I can’t begin to say how thrilled we are with the response we’ve been enjoying. We’ve got more books on order from Image, and they should be here next week. As soon as we get them, we’ll start signing, sketching and shipping!

If you’re looking for a hard copy of the story right now, try your local shop, or TFAW or Amazon. Or we’ve still got some sets of the original comic series in stock in the Etsy store.


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