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Most of the blogging here is by me, Steve Lieber, the artist of Underground. Jeff Parker is busy writing the Hulk, or playing with his kids, or trying to clear some gunk out of an engine.

Download our complete comic, Underground: Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
If you like it, the suggested donation is $5.00. Paypal button:

If you’re an process nerd like me and like to look at the uncolored brush and ink line-art, you can download the first issue as a black and white pdf.
There are a bunch of other comics you can download for free at my personal site.

For the French visitors, you can preview Éditions Akileos’ excellent translations of my earlier books WHITEOUT and WHITEOUT:Melt at digiBiDi. If you want to buy paper copies of the French versions, you’ll also find links.

For the readers coming from slashdot.jp: Hi! If you’d like to share our comic on Japanese websites or message boards, please do! It’s very cool to think of the manga audience reading our story.

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I’m trying to get up to speed with digital comics formats, so I’m putting this up as a test. Flytrap #1 is a short comics story that my wife wrote and I drew. Is it set up correctly for your readers?
EDIT: I’ve used Zipcleaner to strip out the hidden Mac files. Here’s a new version:

Safari users crtl-click to download. Everybody else, just click, I think.

It’s a great little story, and there are more in the series. If you like it you can thank us by using the paypal “donate” thingy. But mainly just tell me if I did it right.

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Hey there:

I can’t begin to say how thrilled we are with the response we’ve been enjoying. We’ve got more books on order from Image, and they should be here next week. As soon as we get them, we’ll start signing, sketching and shipping!

If you’re looking for a hard copy of the story right now, try your local shop, or TFAW or Amazon. Or we’ve still got some sets of the original comic series in stock in the Etsy store.


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In the 4chan thread, I joked about “cosplay girls in caver helmets.” I forgot that Casey McKinnon already did that in her podcast when the book first came out. Thanks, Casey!

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Thanks to a wonderful bit of work from Dino Morelli, we now have cbt files available for download! Go grab ‘em.

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It’s come to this. I’ve uploaded a partial archive of the 4chan bootleg and discussion thread.
Read it here..) I think there’s gonna be a full archive at 4chanarchive.org, and I’ll link to that when I’ve got a URL.

Also, we’ve heard from a bunch of readers who don’t want another book in the house but still want to kick in a donation. So, here’s a paypal button. The suggested donation is $5.00, but whatever you can afford is fine.

I’ll have that those jpeg files for everyone really soon. The CBR files are up! Sorry for the delay. All this attention came as a huge surprise, and I’ve still got all my freelance commitments. It’s been crazy, but this (as Marlo Stanfield said on The Wire,) is “one of them good problems.”


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I just participated in a genuinely fascinating discussion with some readers on 4chan, and I think it’s old dog, new tricks time.

My archive of the 4chan discussion is here.

What does this mean? It means you can now download the whole book in pdf or cbz format for no charge. No registration. No DRM. Just click and it’s yours.

Give it a read! Payment is on the honor system. The suggested donation is $5.00, more is great, but whatever you can afford is fine.

If you’d like a hard copy, the best thing you can do is order one through your local store. If you’d prefer mailorder, in the US try our friends at TFAW. In the UK try Forbidden Planet. Or just get it directly from us- signed and sketched- at the Periscope Studio Etsy store.


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Mark Frauenfelder just posted a terrific review of Underground at Boing Boing. We couldn’t be more excited.

If you’re here because of the review, you can preview the first and the second issue, or even buy a copy of the complete gn directly from us.

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Date: Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: Hollywood Things From Another World
4133 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR

To celebrate the release of Avengers #1 and Atlas #1, The Hollywood district Things From Another World is throwing a massive Avengers Day Party May 19 with special guests Brian Michael Bendis and Jeff Parker!

Here’s what you need to know:

* Get there early! The first 25 people in line at 7:00 p.m. will receive a free limited-edition Avengers print.
* There will be a Q & A with Bendis and Parker at 7:00 p.m., followed by a signing.
* They will have exclusive Avengers variants available for purchase, as well as copies of Avengers #1 and Atlas #1.
* Complimentary refreshments and snacks will be provided by Clean Plate Catering!
* Free beer! Must bring valid ID to prove you’re 21 or older if you wanna drink it, however.

Brian Michael Bendis is one of the most successful comic book writers in the world and the mastermind behind classic Marvel events like Civil War, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, and Siege. He also consulted on the new Iron Man movie. Now he relaunches the Avengers May 19 with John Romita, Jr.!

Jeff Parker has also had a busy year, writing the critically acclaimed limited series Underground for Image Comics, as well as Agents of Atlas, Thunderbolts, and other books for Marvel! His new series, Atlas, premieres May 19.

We hope to see you all Wednesday, May 19!

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